This morning it was 49 degrees and the rain stopped sometime early morning. We were settled in the stand by 6:10 a.m. and I was able to get a little cat nap before the sun came up. That is some of the best sleeping in the world…not that I recommend that (small print)….I did have my safety harness on!! The morning was really quiet, too quiet.

View from our stand on Day 4 morning hunt

View from our stand on Day 4 morning hunt

A bobcat came in to the left of me and walked along a fallen tree-Marti was able to catch a few seconds of him before it meandered off. The stands were set up where Marti and I were sitting back to back with the tree in between us and this made it very hard to communicate. Marti saw a small buck with another deer right behind him but I was unable to see it from my side of the tree. We came down out of the stand at 9:45 a.m. to pack out the camera arm and gear to set up our old morning stand for Day 5.

We were excited about the afternoon hunt. We were in the stand and settled at 3:00 p.m. It had started sprinkling on our way in but stop shortly thereafter. This stand was set up so that Marti was facing the ridge and I was facing the East end of the cut corn field. There was a little creek that ran under our stand.

Stream below our stand

Stream below the stand

Corn Field

Corn Field

We had absolutely no action until 5:20 p.m. when a little spike came in and waked around the edge of the ridge and headed up over the ridge. About 5:40 p.m. deer started funneling out of the corn on the East end of the field at about 250 yards from us. At one point I counted 13 does and 4 bucks. There was one buck that was a 140+ size buck which is above the 130 class requirement for this challenge. We plan on seeing how we can get closer to that end of the field tomorrow between hunts.

We did get to see a little rack ruckus between and 8 point and 6 point. We also seen the albino doe on our way out again. Marti took some footage of that. The day started off slow but ended with high hopes. Tomorrow is our last full day of hunting and Friday morning we will hunt just the morning hunt.

We are now eligible to kill either a buck or doe or both for the challenge. It is getting down to crunch time and I usually do my best work when under pressure–lets hope this stands true. Wish us luck and check the blog tomorrow evening to see if we harvested a deer on film.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009