Last month I ran across an announcement about an essay contest that Taho Films, LTD is hosting. The rules required a 500 word essay as to why the writer felt she was a hardcore woman hunter. The prizes for the first place winner is in excess of $40,000.00. When I first ran across the announcement I thought in the back of my head “there are many “real” hardcore women hunters out there and I was not sure that I fit in that classification”.

After pondering on the thought for several weeks and reading about it on several forums, I rethought my initial feelings. I figured the hours spent in the field on the hunt last season, as well as the experiences that I gained on my Wyoming whitetail deer and antelope hunt and my Montana turkey hunt was definitely in the ballpark of hardcore.

So I started my rough draft two weeks ago and tweaked it some over the last week until I felt that it expressed exactly what I wanted it to convey. I submitted my final draft along with two photos tonight and said a little prayer as I pressed the send button. Shortly thereafter, I received a confirmation that it was indeed received. Wish me luck. 🙂

For those women hunters reading along on my blog, you should check out the Tahoe Films, LTD website and enter the contest. Good luck to those that enter the contest.