Over the past year, I have been a forum participant at one of the greatest hunting forums I have found online; www.talkhuntin.com. What makes Talkhuntin.com so different from other hunting forums is that you will not find the smack talk and thread bashing that is so evident with others. In the past, I have actually signed up on other website forums only to quickly learn that the boards are not moderated properly. I was the victim of one of those threads that was attacked solely because I was a woman hunter in a sport that is predominantly partaken by males. Those of you who know me well know that this thread turned for the worse real quick—I wasn’t raised to allow people to belittle me and I sure am not the type person that you tell “you can’t because you are a woman”. I left that forum, with my head held high, mind you and vowed to find a forum I could enjoy and learn from. Skeptical at first, I signed up as a member of talkhuntin.com.

It didn’t take but about two weeks to realize that this forum was the real deal and I could relax and get to know these folks. Within a couple months, I felt like family. I was learning tips and tricks, getting on the fly reports from the stand of some members, learning new weeds and plants, food plot strategies, viewing harvest pictures, trying new recipes, and just sitting around the camp fire discussing some non-hunting topics. Another awesome feature of this website is that the members of the website win prizes from sponsors in monthly drawings….i have won twice since I became a member. You really get to know the other members and you start to feel like one big family before you know it. If you haven’t had the opportunity to peruse the Talkhuntin.com website, I invite you to do so; I think you will be surprised at the value of becoming a member.

The Talkhuntin.com website is where I met Mike Adams with Up North Journal. During our Kansas hunt for our quest for a Turkey Grand Slam earlier this year, Up North Journal had a call-in show that I participated in. I learned that the site not only had podcast but also had filmed hunts and blogs that I enjoyed. It was a surprise to me when earlier this month I was asked to come on board as the “First Lady” of UNJ. I felt honored and humbled that the UNJ board had the faith that I could fill such big “hunting boots”. A special thanks to Dan DeFauw for mentioning the position to me and encouraging me into coming on board with UNJ. Mike posted the announcement yesterday on Talkhuntin.com and it will be announced by next week on the Up North Journal site linking my blog:

“I’m proud to announce that we have our first female on the UNJ staff!  We have crowned her as our “First Lady” of the team!  Please help me welcome none other than Nancy Jo Adams better known on this site as Nock1.  We are looking forward to having her help promote the outdoors to the ladies out there.  This is one of the fastest growing areas in the outdoors and Nancy Jo is already got her feet firmly planted in the outdoor industry helping the ladies become more comfortable with hunting.  I want to take this opportunity to let her know that I look forward to working with her and seeing her stories and video to come!” 


And my reply:


“Thank you my fellow TH members. It was an honor to be asked to come on board with Up North Journal and I hope to encourage, introduce and even mentor as many girls and women as possible into this wonderful “Camo Life”. Hunting, as well as bow and gun sports, have truly changed and enriched my life in ways that words cannot explain. I plan to bring my experiences–the good, the bad, the ugly and the comical–to the followers of my blog and will be accessible to anyone, man or woman, who may have questions, comments or suggestions. Being coined the “First Lady” I feel I have been crowned with an honor and have big “hunting boots” to fill. Thank you to the UNJ staff for placing their trust in me to fill those “hunting boots” and to my fellow TH members for their kind words and congratulations.”


I am excited about what the hunting season will bring and as a member of Talkhuntin.com and as field staff for Up North Journal, I know I am in good company and will have a lot to share, a lot to learn and I will get the opportunity to read about everyone else’s season through these venues. It is nice to be in good company and I look forward to sitting around the camp fire with them.



© Nancy Jo Adams 2009