Business Card

Let the fun and madness begin!! I ordered new business cards today just in time for the QDMA Convention and several other events I am planning on attending over the next several months. I was handing out my Women Hunter cards but the address was that of the publisher and it caused some confusion. Product review items for the subscriber-based product reviews will still be mailed to the magazine in Flint, Michigan. The new cards will make it much easier to get product review information to me and also to let companies know where their product information will be posted.

What started out as a simple black and white card with 6 or 7 lines ended up a custom card by the time I got off of the phone with customer service!! Boy, do they know how to reel you in: hook, line and sinker. It was tough trying to get the information I needed on the card and once it was all said and done I felt I may have too much on the card….but most importantly, the bits and pieces of the info that will be imperative to the one that is looking for it, will find it there.

I hope to get some networking done at the 9th Annual National QDMA Convention and to absorb the information that I obtain while attending the Think Tanks and Seminar… okay, I have to admit, I am a seminar junkie. I always come away with something from these sessions. Where most attendees are paying more attention to what the person in the third row is doing, or what the person in front of them is digging for in their purse, or watching the man across the room that is fighting to stay awake with that tell-tale bobble; I am oblivious to my surroundings all the while. I am absorbed in the converse coming from the front of the room and typing notes or jotting down key points. But I bet you would have guessed that of me….

This time of year is exciting!! It is prime time for preparing, like a squirrel gathering nuts for a long winter. Although I have been shooting my bow since February and competing in 3-D competitions throughout the state of Alabama, I have taken my practice to the next level in preparing for the upcoming season. My backyard looks like an the platform for the “IRONMAN ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIP”: two blocks, two bags, three 3-D targets all scattered from 15 to 50 yards–add to that a ladder stand, a makeshift platform on the deck and a tree trimmed and waiting on a climber that will be added in the next few weeks. I am contemplating writing an article on just this subject. I know there are so many women hunters out there that are proficient with their bows and are proven hunters who have been bowhunting for years, but I also know there are many that have questions, or are looking for tips or just the right tweaking to get that perfect shot to be ready with confidence and encouragement for the season.

With this article, I hope to bring photos and examples to post. This is going to be tricky because for this I will need someone to take those pictures….translated to “my husband”. Ever notice how impatient a man is with a camera in his hand. As I chuckle at the thought, I have to admit that somewhere in my head is a voice saying softly…Lord, give me strength to get through this assignment…

Over the next few months, I will be posting product reviews on Women’s Outdoor News that feature items important to bowhunting and in preparation of the season. I hope you will take a minute to read the column; feel free to post a comment while you are there. I am working on an article for Woman Hunter Magazine on ideal climbing stands for women and I am considering adding to that blinds and ladder stands along with some helpful information and safety tips. If you have a question or would like to suggest a product review, please do not hesitate to email me at I will do my very best to research the answer or to bring you the information about a product. Research and writing feeds that inquisitive nature in me.

The latest edition of Woman Hunter Magazine was released last week and I hope you have had the opportunity to read it. There are some great hunt stories; including an interview with Kandi Kisky, a great recipe and cartoon, and an article that I submitted on binoculars which included a list of some of the top picks and the specifications and features of each model. If you do not get the Woman Hunter and are interested in subscribing, you can do so through PayPal right on the home page at

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, do take a minute to get your bow out of the case and inspect the strings, cables, risers and peripherals to make sure they are in good repair. If it has been 2 years since your strings and cables have been changed, load the bow up and take it by your favorite bow technician or pro shop to have them recommend if the strings and cables need replacing. If your bow is in good repair and ready to shoot, wax those strings, place a target, and throw a little bow. Now is the time to do that, because the season will be here before we know it……90 days and counting down here in Alabama!!

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009