Alabama’s bow season opens October 15th; 123 days from today. I know all too well that the efforts that are put into an bow hunter’s pre-season preparation will have a direct affect on the measure of success they have during the season.

Now is the time to get hunting gear prepared. My first task is to take my bow to my local archery shop to have the strings replaced and get tuned. I am contemplating having my arrows re-fletched because I am not 100% satisfied with how they are shooting. After my bow is restrung and tuned, I will need to make the effort of spending time shooting my bow at targets from the ground, a ground blind, a ladder stand, and a climber. Perfect practice makes perfect!!

Mid-July to mid-August brings the perfect time to start checking out some of the areas that I plan on hunting and moving stands to key areas that were picked out last year. This will give me the opportunity to get a better idea of which white oak trees are showing a promising crop. This is the idea time for putting deer cameras out on trails and hunting areas to see what kind of traffic is moving in the area. 

The first week of September will be spent gathering and washing my hunting clothes in scent-destroying detergent, reactivating my carbon clothing and storing them in scent free storage.  I will also take count of my socks, gloves and face masks. I will scrub and rinse my boot soles with baking soda, air dry them, waterproof them with scentless waterproofing wax, and store them in scent-free boot bags.

I will take inventory of the items in my backpacks… one for long hunts and the other packed for short hunts; making sure that I have bow hangers, quiver hangers, flash lights, travel bottles of scent-destroying spray, knife, copy of my hunting license, extra gloves and face mask, retractable tow rope, Nalgene bottle, zip-lock bags, scent-free wipes, wind puffer, spare release, ThermaCell with refills and various other sundries.

September is the month I purchase my hunting license, my scent-destroying spray, wipes, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. I will take the time to look closely at my climbing stands I plan to use and apply bow wax on any joints that squeak, tighten anything that needs tightening, and replace anything showing wear and tear. I will start climbing some in my stands to make it easier to do so during the season. I will check my climbing harness to make sure that it is in great shape and pack it into the bag I store it in during the season.

Most importantly, between these chores, I will be practicing my shooting working on keeping a consistent anchor point in every shooting situation, toning the muscles most important for correct form, and perfecting my mark. The saying is that “anything worth having is worth working hard for” so I am looking forward to the planning and preparations for the upcoming bow season and hope for a season like all the rest, filled with many great memories.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009