May 3, 2009: Anticipation grows as I gather our gear and luggage for packing. I am not only excited for our upcoming trip, but I am also saddened to know this is the last trip for our quest. I have really enjoyed our adventure so far. This leg of our quest will take us to Broadus, Montana and it will be totally self-guided. Richard has been studying the Topo maps and has marked areas on Google Earth and obtained the coordinates for the GPS. We also had a source in Montana that gave us some tips on hunting areas so we are confident that we will have no problems with having areas to hunt. Self-guided hunts are always more exciting and it is even more gratifying when you do harvest game.

The weather is showing highs in the mid 60’s and lows in the low 30’s; however the Real Feel is showing 27 degrees on some mornings. In efforts of saving valuable luggage space for equipment, we are leaving the bulky wear like our wool at home and will take layers instead. We fly out of Atlanta on Tuesday morning and when we land in Billings, Montana, we will meet up with another woman hunter and her friend that will be hunting with us. This will be the first time any of us have been to Montana.

I have the checklist at hand and the to do list that will get us packed, to the airport, on the plane, our rental car upon landing, our licenses on our way to Broadus, our trip to Broadus, our check-in in Broadus and then Richard will take over with the Topo maps and navigation to get us on some birds. Check back to see how the adventure unfolds.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009