April 17, 2009 @ 11:30 a.m.: The third leg of our 2009 Grand Slam was taking us to Clay Center, Kansas to hunt with Brian Blackwood of North Central Kansas Outfitters. This trip would not only be shared by Richard and I, but Wendy, my new found hunting friend would be joining us on this trip. Wendy is an avid deer hunter but has just recently gone on her first turkey hunting excursion with her Father on public land. Her experience there was all too much like most hunters find on public land; they were hunting the gobbles from another hunter. Wendy is actually the one who had first contacted Brian about a turkey hunt and it worked into the equation of our quest. We were excited to be sharing this trip with her and looking forward to the possibility of experiencing her first turkey harvest.

Last night, as I stood looking at the mound of hunting gear, guns, gun case, duffle bags and suitcases strewn across my den floor, I got the sinking feeling that all that gear and clothing was not going to fit in the few bags I planned to take–no matter how large the “super” suitcase was. I meticulously packed clothing into suitcases and all the while making a mental note as to where each item was at and which bag it was in. We were told by our guide, Brian, that we would be hunting the minute we arrived so I wanted to make sure a full set of hunting clothes, boots, shooting stick, turkey vest and stools were conveniently stowed in an easily accessible manner. I checked to make sure we had packed our licenses and I unloaded and repacked my purse leaving those items that I knew would surely get me stopped by security!!

We arrived at the Atlanta airport with plenty of time to spare. We wanted to make sure we were early enough to get our shotguns checked through security. Checking our guns was alot less complicated than I would have imagined and we were off to our gate before we knew it. Our flight was on time and the weather was beautiful. Once we boarded the plane, anticipation grew as I knew we were getting closer to Kansas by the moment. The pilot announced upon our departure that it was currently raining in Kansas but that was not a big concern because I was going to Kansas to hunt and hunt is what I was going to do; regardless what the weather provided…have raingear, will hunt!! Upon are touchdown in Kansas, we only found heavy cloud coverage and gusting wind; no rain. Things were looking good for hunting however the wind would be tricky and make it hard for us to hear gobbling and make it hard for the birds to hear us calling.

We quickly claimed our baggage, obtained our car rental–which was upgraded after we looked at the size of the car versus the amount of luggage we had–and then we were headed to our first destination.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009