March 30, 2009: I had a podiatrist appointment today for an ankle twisting injury I suffered in November. I was not having any problems from the accident until about the last of February or first of March. Since the pain and stiffness has been getting progressively worse, I decided it was time to go see what was going on. After x-rays and a sonogram (or some sort of gram) I was told that I possibly have an extra small bone in my foot that is fairly common or it could possibly be a chip from the other bone in that area. Included with that diagnosis is a soft tissue injury and tendonitis. The doctor told me that I would have to wear an Aircast boot for several months.

I said to the doctor, “that should be no problem. I can put a bag on my foot and wrap it with a black leg wrap.” I got a confused look in return. I said, “Turkey hunting season with a big smile.” She said, “I don’t think you need to be doing any hunting on that foot.” To this I said, “Oh contraire, I leave next Wednesday for Florida; then Kansas the weekend after, then North Carolina with one week off and then it is off to Montana. This boot is going to have to learn to hunt!” She just shook her head, rolled her eyes and said okay, when are you leaving for your first hunt? I quickly grabbed my calendar to show her the dates. Then she bargained “all right, no hunting for a week. You promise?” I answered with a big smile, “perfect, I wasn’t planning on hunting until next Thursday any ways so you get a week and three days!!

I was sent home with this contraption called an Aircast and a prescription for anti-inflammatory medicine. When I go back on April 15th I should know if there is any change in my foot from being immobile and shrinking the inflammation in that area. Maybe a second x-ray will show that I actually do have that odd but common extra bone in my foot and that those tendons just needed time to heal without using them.

Richard and I already discussed possibly painting or airbrushing the boot… I was thinking Mossy Oak Obsession. J

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