March 18, 2009: As I sit here at work, pondering on what could have been this morning, I am kicking myself. We have yet to go turkey hunting this season for some reason or another. We have scouted and Richard roosted birds last night… but we haven’t gone after them. Last night I prepared my work clothes, my hunting clothes, my computer bag, I set my shoes and boots out; everything was ready to go for this morning. The alarm was set for 4:45 a.m. I felt absolutely horrible this morning and after having to get up several times during the night, I just couldn’t muster the energy to go; which is so unlike me when it comes to turkey hunting, at least this early in the season. Richard decided he would wait a day too.
I immediately regretted not getting up and going hunting at the moment the alarm went off for work. The ground was heavily dew laden, a little fog, and a slight chill in the air; perfect morning for hunting. I was told once by a turkey biologist that turkeys will congregate on fields on dew laden mornings and spend a lot of time getting the dew off of grass. There was plenty of it this morning.
On our drive into work, Richard decided we would drive by the area where we were planning on hunting earlier. We drove to the edge of the road and turned off the truck. Richard struck out a call and because of the distance we were from the actual area we were going to hunt only a faint gobble was the response. We smiled, started the truck and headed into work.
Tomorrow morning, you can bet your last two dollars, I won’t have a problem getting up and going hunting with Richard.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009