March 15, 2009: Tomorrow is the season opener of the Alabama 2009 Spring Turkey Season. I do not have plans to hunt tomorrow morning because Richard has an early morning meeting he can’t miss; we not only car pool together, we also always turkey hunt together. But you can bet your last two dollar that I will be thinking about it. Our trip home from work tomorrow afternoon will involve camouflage clothing and two pairs of binoculars and a trip to the field to roost a bird for Tuesday morning. I do not have plans on toting a gun Tuesday morning for the fact that since Richard has decided to hunt his Eastern species here at home; he will have the opportunity to do so.

Today, it rained most of the morning. We drove around scouting some fields and seen over 60 turkeys that were out in the rain and that included five nice toms. We won’t have access to the land that we have hunted the last two seasons but we got permission today to hunt some promising land that we hunted last year at the end of the season. We plan to head out this afternoon to that land to see how the roosting action is.

I have to tell you about a funny thing that happened today–wasn’t too funny for me but Richard got a good laugh out of it. There is an evergrowing percentage of southern folks who operate large privately owned chicken houses that grow chickens for commercial us. Whew!! I mean if you ever rode by a chicken house in the south it is a distinct but undescribable smell that will permeate your senses for life… I mean… PEEUUUUWWWW!! It is bad enough in March but unbearable in July and August. That is one smell that at the first whiff, my mouth starts to water, my tongue feels twice the size, and my nostrils are trying to run down my shirt front. I know, without looking, exactly where every chicken house is on our one hour drive to and from Montgomery.

This is what happened, we have some turkey land that borders 6 chicken houses; mind you–that is about 14-16,000 chickens at any given time. We drove over to that land and Richard tells me to pull between the two chicken houses and we will walk around the back to look at some turkeys we seen from the road. I said, “no way!!” He told me there wasn’t any chickens in the houses so it would not smell. So I pull between the houses…what was I thinking. I step out of the truck and a small whiff hits me. I immediately pull my shirt front over my nose only removing it a few times to spit because my mouth was watering profusely. Richard chuckling all the while. We walk to the corner of the chicken house and glassed 16 turkeys in the field. Deciding that seeing the birds made it worth the trip; the 60 yard walk down the side of and “EMPTY” chicken house.

We decide to back out and go back to the truck and leave quitely. Well, about the minute we turned around to walk away ALL THREE FANS kicked in. Richard said ut-oh and takes off running. I am standing there with my eyes WIDE open, my shirt and jacket over my nose and he is yelling run, run…. needless to say after gagging 4 times on that 60 yard dash, completely out of air from trying to hold my breath, tears literally running down my face, I all but stumble to the truck only to jump in and Richard sitting in the passenger seat out of breath from laughing. He then caught his breath and said, “you know we are gonna have to walk in that way to hunt them?” YEAH… like that is going to happen!! I will opt for the long way around or watch those toms grow old from the road.

Anyways, I am looking forward to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow so we can head out to roost a turkey; which by the way won’t be in a field by an EMPTY chicken house. I hope to bring you a great hunt story this next week….stay tuned.

© Nancy Jo Adams 2009