Adjustability for the perfect fit for women turkey hunters

Adjustability for the perfect fit for women turkey hunters

March 15, 2009: I have been searching for just the right turkey vest and although turkey vests are really considered cross-gender wear, not all turkey vests are female friendly. I was finding that vests with the zip fronts were not built for women because of the obvious, lack of proper fit through the bust area. And the vest usually had sleeve caps or arm holes that hung over the tops of my arm.

It just so happened that my husband purchased a new vest and he had decided once we got it home, for one reason or another, that he was going to use his old vest. Men and women are definitely made of different fiber. What woman wouldn’t give up her old stuff for something new? Things that make you go….Hmmm??? I decided to try the vest on and I think as luck would have it…I found the perfect women’s turkey hunting vest.

This vest is still an awesome vest for men; however it is made with some options that allow for adjustments in all the right places for us women. The turkey vest is the Limbhanger turkey vest by Mossy Oak/Russell Outdoors.

This vest incorporates a quick release buckle front and adjustable slide tabs on each side to adjust to a person’s correct girth/waist size so the vest is not just hanging loose rattling everything that is in it while you are on the move. It has padded shoulder straps that are adjustable allowing for the perfect fit in the bust area. The front pocket panels are below the bust allowing for shoulder and side adjustment. It also has a foam back pad insert that slides into a pocket between your shoulder blades for padding when leaning against a tree and a quick release 2.5 inch foam cushion that has adjustments on the bottom as well as the sides.

The vest has a slate call pocket, three magnetic closure striker pockets, two locator call pockets, a formed box call pocket with a built in chalk pocket, a file style mouth call pocket, a built in striker conditioner, two zipper pockets on the outside, two zipper pockets on the inside, a quick release game bag and sewn in safety orange flags that stow away in their own special pouch. This vest has a MSRP of $89.99 and can be purchased online at or at Bass Pro Shops.

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